Angel is deep in subspace and the screams and moans flow from her like a broken faucet…I don’t mind…let the girl have her beautiful moments…From time to time, it does annoy me, but it inspires me to break her subspace with overload as I ramp up the instensity…At one point, it seemed Angel couldn’t stop cumming…with her ass hole plugged, pussy stuffed and the magic wand working her clit, it became way too easy…unamusing…So I took the cane and left her thighs and ass striped…then I rig her upside down, suspended by her ankles with her head and wrists in stocks…toying with Angel is much fun…I plug her ass again, spoil her with more orgasms, then I leave her stomach reddened in a very intense impact ending

Genre: BDSM, bondage
Video: 960×720
Audio: PCM 22050Hz stereo 128Kbps
File Size: 283mb