Casey’s first day of bondage continues as Bane ramps up the intensity…with hands shackled and body strapped down, Casey’s mouth is pryed open by Molt mouth clamps…then the goat milkers onto the nipples…the sensations created by the goat milkers are much more intense than clover clamps with weights and Casey endures them for over 10 minutes…along with canes, bands on the soles and a zipper…with no rest, Bane moves right onto TENS pads and his zipper drill…but Casey cannot be cracked…then shackled on her back with her feet and hands pulled up we see a bit of humanity…hot wax on the soles…Bane doubts her reactions but I do not…that wax was very close to her feet especially…or, perhaps heat is her weakness…Bane continues his plans by inserting an anal speculum deep into her ass…then he opens it up and tapes it in…he uses the violet wand in some very sensitive places…either a long day has weakened our girl or she doesnt dig electric play much, but that’s not really the point of this to me…she endured it, and in doing so, created a very erotic show for us…thanks much to Casey for an outstanding first showing in the world of hard core BDSM…

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