We invited Sybil back for another day of tough scenes, this time with Bane and she was happy to answer the call…I’ve gone on about the joys of working with Sybil before, but she is a true professional BDSM model, of which there are very few…she has an amazing body and is always ready to be flung into a sincere headspace…Bane locks her into the first position, crudely bent over, Sybil first has to deal with the prospect of being locked in a very uncomfortable position as the stone-faced Bane has his way her…He really has a fondness for the small stinging tools…the wire slapper, the small plastic flogger, the cane…these are some of the least daunting, but most severe instruments ever used on human beings…the feeling of the wire slapper has been compared to the sting of a single tail crack…and it leaves marks as such..

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