Year: 2010
The name of the actress: Syd
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Length: 00:50:42

he starts off in a chair, dressed in a long, sleek dress. Black. She has heels on and looks very nervous. She is 45 and has never in her life done something like this before. She is nervous. She has no what to expect from the day but her desire brought her in here. It overcame everything else that told her to turn away. So she sits on a stool waiting in a dark room with strangers. She isnt sure if she should look at the camera or look away. What she does know is that she wants an experience. That shes been driven here and now she cant leave without taking it in. That shes caught. And so her interview begins …
Its the Luther “Meet & Greet”. Shed told us that she likes to suck cock. She also had seen Luther on the web site. She knew what was next. Wearing her long, elegant black dress, her arms tied behind her, her wrists secured up on her chest harness, she was given the chance to show us just how much she does enjoy sucking cock. With instructions to get the condom on Luther using just her mouth, as well as sucking him until he actually copulated in her mouth, she was ready for business. After getting onto her knees she wrenched Luther down far enough to get the condom right at four inches. Then she started to suck him off like he was a knob. The whole of her mouth was full of his girth. She worked it in and out holding it closely to her lips, to the inside of her mouth. He completely fills her face hole …. and this was something shed been thinking about before she had even arrived. She didnt like Luther when it was over.
Nude, save for her heels. Her cunt impaled with a dildo mounted on a pole beneath her, she is in a strappado. Her ankles are drawn outward and separated by a spreader bar that insures she stays right over her black friend. Her large breasts hang toward the floor, gravity beckons. An ass hook is firmly implanted and tied off to her elbow harness. Sensory overload for this bondage newbie. After a couple of minutes her nipples are clamped. It doesnt take long before the left one starts emitting fluid, milk. A large drop reaches the tip and hangs there between the ends of the clamp. After a while she gets the Hitachi brought around to bring up her pain threshold, her endurance. It has an immediate reaction. She is focused, direct and intent. Its almost like she has some dominant side coming out, some direction she has now taken in an effort to get that pussy fulfilled. Before it gets away from her, shes told right away she has to ask for permission to cum and then I make her repeat those instructions back to me. But when shes ready to cum she cant ask properly. She just keeps saying, “yeah?, Yeah?” Like she has a problem with asking for permission. Shes made to ask anyway and then denied. Instead, ask me to weight those titties down. And once I do that left leg begins to shake as the Hitachi makes in roads to her cunt. And it doesnt take long before she announces that she “needs to cum”. Denied again, and then shes gagged. Syd is in for a little orgasm denial today.
Nervously awaiting whats next, Syd is securely bound in the Electric Chair. She is nude and gagged. Her arms are doubled and then tied giving her a chicken appearance. The thumbs on each hand have a bowling ball tied off to them. Her large breasts are tied off to the ceiling. A line of drool runs from her gagged face hole down her chin. When her nipples get clamped she closes her eyes and takes it in. Her arms and breasts are beginning to change color as the electricity starts to course thru her body. She jumps in fear but her bondage has her almost immobile. Shes flogged. Then the power is ramped up further. Her body begins to involuntarily fuck the dildo mounted in the bottom of the Electric Chair. She cant help it, the electricity has a hold of her pelvis. When the Hitachi hits her cunt she starts to lose it. Her pussy is already fucking that dildo involuntarily, but when the clit starts getting vibbed off as well she starts to tip the chair over trying to get as much satisfaction from that vibrator as possible. So I stopped with the vib and she is left there for a bit, like a deer in headlights. But that pussy is still working that dead cock. If she could cum now she would. Shes is so overwhelmed with need she cant even talk. She just sits there with her eyes slammed shut and mouthing that gag like a fish out of water. So shes made to tell us a tongue twister, made to repeat it back before she is allowed to have an orgasm. When she finally does she peels one off that leaves her head thrown back, eyes closed, tremors and heavy weights swinging from her nipples as she lets out a primal scream.
Finally we find Syd hanging from the ceiling in a somewhat crouched or sitting position. Her legs are open and wide. Her arms are bound behind her back. Shes just hanging there nude. A fuck stick comes out and is inserted into her cunt and left. We watch her. Occasionally we see a drip of fluid fall from her seething pussy and hit the floor. When the fuck stick starts to slide out shes admonished and told not to let that happen. She has to keep a constant, firm grip on that stick with her pussy. After a bit the Celebrator is placed directly on her clit. Right away she tells me thats what her pussy likes. I have her look at you, The Viewer, and tell you how much her pussy likes it. She asks me if it will be okay if she cums. I pop off her heels and tie weights to her big toes. When the vib hits her clit again she curses. She pleads. She tells us just how good it feels and then begs for permission. It feels so good to her I decide to put a clamp on that clit so she has to suffer thru that orgasm. And I do. After the vib starts up again she yells out, “Oh FUCK!, Thats going to make me cum!!” Denied.

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