Beautiful girls suffer from rope bondage, suspension, gags, nipple torture, whipping and rough sex

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RTB – Fire and Ice

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RealTimeBondage December 25, 2010 - Fire and Ice | Trina Michaels | Intersec CrewFire and Ice
Trina Michaels wanted to come to us at RealTimeBondage because she thought she had seen the most brutal bondage that the world has to offer. She has no idea that things are always worse than she can conceive with us. She never knew anyone to encase the key to her release in ice. She did not imagine she would have to fuck all of her holes with a freezing cold cock. She came in confident that she could stand up to anything. Now she is not so sure.

Format: mp4
Duration: 48:43
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1781kbps

RealTimeBondage Mar 24, 2012: Sister Dee Cracks | Sister Dee | Alexxa BoundThinking Ahead Part Two
Sister Dee is not even in the live feed yet and she is already stripped down and ready to go. It is an encouraging scene from the night before, something like the calm before the storm. She can answer questions, talk to members, and get a little taste of what we�re planning for tomorrow. And if the thought of that does not keep her up all night she can wake up bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to suffer for our entertainment.


RTB Mar 17, 2012: Dixons Day 2 | Dixon Mason | Zayda JDixons Day 2
Being stuck in a cage is not too bad if the company is nice. Well, at least it was not until the crew decides to give Dixon Mason a disgusting spit shine to clean her up. From that moment on her day took a turn for the worse. The members did not just ask to see her humiliated. They wanted to see her hurt. They called for her to be bound and beaten. Of course our crew has been waiting for that from the first moment. Nothing gives us more joy than acting out the perverse demands of our members.


RTB Mar 10, 2012: Dixons Day | Dixon Mason | Zayda JDixons Day
We have a lot of questions to ask Dixon before the show even goes into full swing but it is hard to make this horny little slut concentrate on anything but her cunt. Just being naked and caged is enough to make her dripping wet and she needs some relief before she the party even begins. The kinds of questions we ask her may seem like opinions but each one has a right answer and a wrong one. The right ones can get her rewards in the future but for every wrong answer she gives expect our crew to teach her a lesson later.


RealTimeBondage Feb 25, 2012: Thinking Ahead Part Two | Mei MaraThinking Ahead Part Two
If you want to see a girl who will go to the extremes to please us and our members look no further than Mei Mara. She needed an extreme make over before her Q and A session. Most would balk at the idea of being humiliated like this. It is one thing to take a beating on set but the effects here are going to be visible to anyone for quite some time. That is the kind of dedication is the first step to satisfying


RealTimeBondage Feb 18, 2012: Thinking Ahead Part Two | Mei MaraThinking Ahead Part Two
It looks like a door frame but some simple modifications have made it the perfect way to keep Mei Mara in place for the next leg of our live feed. Even better than just holding her still it keeps her arms and legs out of the way so we can torment her however we choose. The members have some pretty insidious ideas about how she should be treated. With this kind of bondage it is a good thing that she agrees. There would not be much she could do if she did not anyway.


RealTimeBondage Feb 11, 2012: I Own Her Face Part Three | Iona GraceI Own Her Face Part Three
Iona Grace claims that she trusts the vision PD has for this scene but her tears make it seem like she may be lying. He has an idea on how she can please the members. She needs to stand with her tits tied high and her body presented for torment.

RealTimeBondage Dec 29, 2011:  Nyssas Needs | Nyssa Nevers | Dixon Mason | Juliette Black Nyssas Needs
No one has ever looked as pleased as Nyssa Nevers to be in our clutches. She is all smiles and giggles. At least until the action starts. After that the crew and our members are the ones laughing. There is something about stripping a slut of her defenses and absolutely humiliating her that just brings joy to all of our hearts. We can tell she likes it, too, or else her pussy would not be so wet and ready to receive.


RealTimeBondage Dec 24, 2011: The  Angst of Ashly Part Three | Ashley Graham | Nyssa Nevers The Angst of Ashly Part Three
Tits like the ones on Ashley Graham are not easy to find. They are so large, beautiful and best of all, sensitive.