Mr. Johnson was the teacher at an all girls school. He was known for flirting with his students so a couple of girls decided they were going to teach him a lesson he would never forget and get themselves an “A” for the semester. One of the girls started flirting with the hunky teacher then as he was putting his moves on to her, the other 2 girls came in. They told him if he didn’t follow their instructions they were going to put in a complaint to the school administration. Not wanting to lose his job, he agreed.

They pulled out some rope from their bag and tied up his hands. One of the girls then sat on his face smothering him with her firm round ass while the other girls teased and played with his cock! The girls took turns humiliating him, rubbing their dirty heels on his cock, and even spitting on it! Being completely humiliating and holding back as long as possible, the girls finally got him close to cumming. Right as he was about to explode with pleasure the girls stopped touching him ruining it. Unfortunately for him, they were not going to let him enjoy it!

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