Year of manufacture:2010
Genre: bdsm, FaceSitting, Smothering, Cunnilingus,DVDRip
Duration:62 minutes
In roles:Slave Bubba, Slave Tom, Mistress Barbara Summers, Sandra Romaine, Slave Freddy Baxter, Slave Aaron
EXOTIC BEAUTY! RAW SEXUAL INTENSITY! VISCIOUS FEMDOM! Can one woman embody such bold statements? If you’ve seen Mistress Sandra Romaine in action, then you know the answer is YES!!! Here she is, the golden skinned brunette, in her very best scenes from Roman Video. A hot compilation video consisting of FOUR of Sandra’s best videos! As you may recall, Sandra Romaine is one of our hottest most intense Facesitters and dominatrixes at She is a FACESITTING DEMON who pushes her weak-willed slaves past normal human boundaries. She SMOTHERS men nearly to death. She bounces her FULL WEIGHT on their skulls, demands DEEP ANAL PROBING with their tongues. She makes the men under her control scream, weep, plead, and finally explode! Mistress Sandra unleashes her furious sexual energy with her pussy, her ass, her fists, her riding crop. She tortures her minions with CHASTITY DEVICES, HANDCUFFS, and FACE DILDOS. On her own or with her partner Mistress Barbara Summers, she brings unbelievable levels of pain and pleasure.

File size: 531.5 MB