When pretty girls come into Earl’s Upholstery to have their seats done, it’s often their asses which get tanned instead!! You see, Earl and his cousin Burl have turned Earl’s Upholstery into a make-shift torture chamber, which they stocked a bevy of sqirming beauties chained and ready to perform for their sick amusement.
In part one we watched as this dastardly duo abduct 2 hot spring breakers for a bit of vile “fun”. Tied and tormented, the two beauties continues their captivity their in the twisted shop of horrors. Now in part 2, Earl abducts big breasted blonde Stephanie, a hot little strumpet who came by to have an estimate done on her car’s worn upholstery. Earl was already considering grabbing this one, but it became unavoidable when Stephanie takes a wrong turn out of the bathroom and stumbles in on one of Earl’s naked and writhing captives.

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