Miss Ballista

College Cheerleader rivals who will do anything to win. Big titted blonde Vikki (Penelope Pace) wants to be head of the cheerleading squad, but another cheerleader, perky brunette Tiffany (Chandra Sweet), looks sure to fill the coveted position. While Vikki is good at cheers and kicks, hot Tiffany is better and there is just no way to beat her in a fair contest.

So what’s a poor rich girl to do? How about hiring Ernie (Bryan Dunhill), a psycho-perv nerd with the hots for Tiffany to bind, gag amd abduct her from her own bedroom, then hold her at Vikki’s father’s abandoned factory until the tryouts are over. That’s not all Vikki has planned for poor Tiffany either, her twisted orders carried out with frightening prescision by Ernie, who acts as her eager torture puppet. Brutal whipping, tight bondage, force feeding and even electro torture as well ashumiliating pictures documenting it all are part of Vikki’s sinister plan to keep Tiffany firmly under her controland out of the competitition.

Considered by many to be the definitive “Cheerleader In Bondage” movie and one of director Rick Master’s finest works, this is must see ZFX, don’t miss it!
Performers: Chandra Sweet, Penelope Pace, Bryan Dunhill


Format: avi
Duration: 1:17:58
File Size: 484 mb

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